The Dinner Party  1980

Sam Walsh

Oil on canvas, 168 x 168 cm

Collection: National Museums Liverpool, Walker Art Gallery

Notes: The painting features people that were contemporaneously in or had previously been in the artist’s life.

Table left, from foreground to back: Ray Hudson, artist’s neighbour; David Berry, artist’s solicitor; Nish (Christine) Ridpath, artist’s friend; Arthur Ballard, ex-boxer and painter; Lesley Earnshaw, artist’s ex-wife; Joe Martindale, writer; Sam Walsh himself; Mike Carran, artist’s bank manager; Stanley Haddon, Liverpool Philharmonic clarinettist; Luke Walsh, artist, son of Sam Walsh and Lesley Earnshaw; Don Craig, ex-teacher and Liverpool Councillor.

Table right, from foreground to back: Susannah Lash, artist’s friend; Billy Wellings, artist’s friend, restaurateur; Adrian Henri, poet and painter; Ros McAlister, artist’s partner, integral to the photographic and technical process of the painting’s creation; Roger McGough, poet; Sam Walsh himself; Maurice Cockrill, painter; Jim Weston, sculptor; Don McKinlay, painter; Janina Cebertowicz, painter, McKinlay’s partner; Sheenagh McKinlay, stained glass artist, Don’s daughter; Spud Nolan, artist’s friend.

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