The creator and administrator of this website is Luke Walsh. Acknowledgement for a wealth of the archival information this website is based on is due to Ros McAlister. Any enquiries can be forwarded here. Any questions or information about the artist’s work are also welcome.

Guidelines for Images
If, after corresponding with the administrator, you are sending images of the artist’s work for publication on the website, the following guidelines are recommended:
Make photos as high a pixel resolution as possible, preferably the original image will be upwards of 256px. Unfortunately, simply enlarging an image from a lower resolution does not mean the pixel density improves.
Take photos from an angle that is head on to the artwork rather than from a skewed angle.
Make sure no reflections are appearing in the image, either in glass or from light sources.
If possible give the work’s title, dimensions, date and the materials involved if identifiable e.g. paper, canvas, hardboard, oil, airbrush, pencil, etc. Also, if accessible, any information that may be on the back of the work would be of interest.
Please specify whether you want it listed on the website that the work is part of your collection or whether you would prefer it to be listed as private.

The administrator can be contacted by using the Form below and also via Twitter at SamWalshArchive.


Image above: Sam Walsh and son Luke Walsh, Huskisson Street, Liverpool, 1967. From the article The Sound of Liverpool 8 written by Sean Hignett, photography by Don McCullin, The Weekend Telegraph, Number 130, March 31st 1967. Sam Walsh’s painting Mike’s Brother (1964) now exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery can be seen in the background, as well as a print of Roy Lichtenstein’s Sweet Dreams Baby (1965).