Artworks displayed on this site are listed here chronologically. Clicking on a title will take you to the relevant page. Further down, this page also provides links to other websites that relate in some way to Sam Walsh’s work.

Links to Works on this Site


Adjust the Horizontal Hold c.1960-62

That’s Red Down There 1962

Three Figures in a Warm Climate c.1962-1965

Al Capone in Greece c.1962-1965

Macmillan c.1962-67 (UK PM 1957-63 Harold Macmillan)

All Last Year I Was Up To My Ass In Daisies c.1962-1968

Crinkly Bacon c.1962-1968

Three Figures c.1962-1968

Two Figures c.1962-1968

W.H. Auden c.1962-1968

William Burroughs c.1962-1968

Mick Jagger 1963

Pin Up 1963, for Francis Bacon 1963

Blue Room 1964

Family Group 1964

J Edgar Hoover 1964

Love Story 1964

Mike’s Brother 1964 (Paul McCartney)

Two Figures in a Bathroom 1964

Two Seated Figures 1964

El Hombre Invisible, for William Burroughs 1965

Emmett Dalton in Hollywood 1965

Landscape with Walking Figure c.1965

Pyramid of the Sun 1965

Samuel Beckett, Himself 1965

Springfield Mountain 1965

Crispy Mountain Blues c.1965 – 1967

Mandy’s Baby c.1965-1968

Indianapolis Love Story 1967

General II 1967

Spaceman 1967

Interior c.1967-1973

Bathroom in Staybrite Steel 1968

Bobby Kennedy 1968

Interior 1968

J. Edgar Hoover 1968

More for Francis Bacon 1968

Roger McGough 1968

Thunderbird in Pink and Blue 1968

Interior c.1968-1973

The Love Couch c.1968-1973

Bird’s Head c.1968-1989

De Youngs 1902, Harry “Sundance Kid” Longabaugh and Etta Place, 1969

M. Paul Cezanne on the M6   1969

Mao Tse Tung in Concert 1969

Rembrandt 1969

Our Leader c.1970-1972

Angela 1971 (Angela Davis)

Mr B. and President T. 1971

Private View 1971

Bertrand Russell 1972

Climbing 1972

Man With Dog (Dog in Window) 1972

Affirmation and Negation’s the Name of the Game 1973

Professor Robert Joseph Gardner-Medwin 1973

Ivon Hitchens 1974

Kurt Vonnegut 1974

Michelangelo’s David 1974

My Friend, the Chimpanzee 1975

Man with a Suitcase 1976

Mountains In Turkey 1976

Two Women 1976

Desert with Briefcase 1977

Man in Paper Bag 1977

Sam Walsh’s Girlfriend 1977

Young Girl 1977

Small Elephant 1978

The Chinese Waiter 1978

The Dictator 1978

Dog in Grass 1980

Don 1980

Don and Friends 1980

Maurice, Sam, Roger, Adrian and Billy 1980

Night Sky 1980

Old Man and Dog 1980

Peter Ridpath 1980

Sam and Duck 1980

Spud Nolan 1980

The Dinner Party 1980

Two Nudes 1980

Dancers c.1980-1989

Lennon c.1980-1987

Ros 1982

Death Mask of William Blake 1983

Jeff In Our Garden 1983

Robert Mitchum 1983

Luke 1984

The Everyman c.1985-1989

2 Meerkats 1987

John Paul Getty 1987

My Friend the Pig 1987


Links to External Sites


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